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Meaningful labour, hope for the future and reciprocal affection.

Those were the three categories under which he thought people should write when he made Textpattern. A testament to the positive man.

I remember when I first installed Textpattern and looked at those suggested categories. I was mystified. Are these what writing for the web is meant to be about? Showing people the fruits of your creativity, and possibly helping them create too. Providing hope that the world can be a better place because of your effort. Appreciating others' work and having them appreciate yours in return.

Of course you could delete them and put your own categories in place, but having seen them, I could no longer think outside of this triumvirate of tenets for having a more creative existence online.

I've decided to require at least one of these categories to be appropriate to each post on this blog, to frame the attitude of what I post to be positive. I want to inspire others with what I make, have a future and hopefully give and take some love.